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Private Lessons:


  • Adult and junior private lessons are 1 hour in length and cover all aspects of the game including full swing, short game, and on-course play.
  • Video Analysis and detailed practice drills included in the lesson along with a full lesson summary.


One on One Private Instruction -  Adult Students


  • Series of 16 plus 8 free additional lessons....$1,595 ​(save $1800)
  • Series of 11 plus 5 free additional lessons....$1,095 ​(save $805)
  • Series of 8 plus 3 free additional lessons......$795 ​ (save $505)
  • Series of 6 plus 2 free additional lessons......$595 ​ (save $305)
  • Series of 4 ​(50% off 4th Lessons)................$350 (save $50)
  • Single Lesson....$100


One-on-One Private Instruction - Junior Students ‘18 and under’


  • Series of 16 plus 8 free additional lessons....$1,440 ​(save $720)
  • Series of 11 plus 5 free additional lessons....$990 ​   (save $450)
  • Series of 8 plus 3 free additional lessons......$720 ​   (save $270)
  • Series of 6 plus 2 free additional lessons......$540 ​   (save $180)
  • Series of 4 ​(50% off 4th Lessons)...................$315 ​   (save $45)
  • Single Lesson.................................................$90


Private Group Lessons:


Private group lessons are available for up to 3 golfers per class.  Pricing is the same as above

to be shared between the group as requested.


Summer Golf Camps at the Trophy Club of Atlanta


The summer camps include a low student teacher ratio of 4:1 students per instructor and all camps will be supervised and taught by John Jordan.


  • The summer camps are designed specifically for junior golfers as they have fun learning the fundamentals of the game.
  • Areas covered during each camp includes full swing and short game fundamentals, on course play and fun completive games for the young golfers.
  • Camps are set up for students each week depending on the students ages.  6-10 years old and 11-17 years old.
  • Camps run each day from 9:00am until 12:00pm and include a healthy snack for the students.
  • Camp Dates: The summer camps are every week from May 28th until July 20th.
  • Cost: $290 per week and includes golf instruction, on course play, and a daily healthy snack.


Contact: Please contact John Jordan directly for more information and to sign up:


Cell: 404 295 1972

email - johnjordangolfacademy@gmail.com


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